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UAE Offshore Company Formation

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Why Businesses are choosing UAE for their Offshore Company Formation?

1. Strategic Location: The UAE’s prime location at the crossroads of East and West offers businesses easy access to vast markets in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

2. Supportive Ecosystem: The UAE government actively fosters an environment conducive to business growth through initiatives like free zones with minimal bureaucracy, tax breaks, and 100% foreign ownership incentives.

3. Top Global Rankings: The UAE consistently ranks high in prestigious reports like the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report and the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking, reflecting its efficient business environment, transparent regulations, and strong infrastructure.

4. Stable Economy: The UAE boasts a remarkably stable economy with a consistently high GDP, even amidst global fluctuations, fostering investor confidence and facilitating long-term planning and resource allocation.

5. Advanced Infrastructure: The UAE’s world-class infrastructure, including airports, seaports, and telecommunications networks, allows businesses to seamlessly integrate into global supply chains, optimize logistics, and efficiently conduct international operations.

Comprehensive Understanding of UAE Offshore
Company Formation

Comprehensive Understanding of UAE Offshore Company Formation

Seeking insights into offshore company formation in the UAE? Look no further. LFL International Group, an acclaimed offshore agency, offers expert guidance across all UAE-based offshore jurisdictions. The sector of offshore company formation in Dubai is rapidly expanding, offering structures designed to significantly reduce or eliminate certain taxes, thereby optimizing your business’s financial efficiency.

A preferred choice for company formation, offering luxurious accommodations, cost-efficiency, tax exemption benefits, banking security, and privacy.

Number of shareholders required for RAK company is a minimum of 1

Document Required

● Passport copies of shareholders

● Personal profile of shareholders’ CV

● Address proof (utility bill)

● Passport size picture with white background

● Bank statement of shareholder

● Overview of the business plan

● KYC application

Serves as an investment medium with zero taxation, offering non-resident companies and hassle-free licensing processes.

Number of shareholders required for Ajman company is a minimum of 1

Document Required

● Passport copy of the shareholders

● Proof of residence of the shareholders

● Bank reference letter


Known for its corporate legal structure, offering 100% foreign ownership, taxation benefits, minimal operational costs, and a straightforward incorporation process.

Number of shareholders required for JAFZA company is a minimum of 1

Document Required

● Application form

● Passport copy of the shareholders

● Proof of residence of the shareholders

● Bank reference letter

● Advisory and consulting services

● Shareholding companies

● General trading

● International and professional services

● Property ownershi

● Cost-effective setup for your international business entity.

● Swift and efficient company registration.

● Full foreign ownership and exemption from duties.

● Attractive taxation benefits.

● No minimum capital requirement.

● Facility for multi-currency bank accounts.

● Freedom from foreign currency restrictions.

● Restrictions on conducting business in the Mainland.

● No provisions for importing goods into the UAE market.

● No leasing of office space, commercial premises, or residence visa for stakeholders.

Experience Excellence in UAE Offshore Company Formation with LFL International Group

LFL International Group has been a beacon of trust since 2000, guiding companies worldwide to establish, flourish, and expand their operations in the United Arab Emirates. We place your aspirations at the heart of our operations, providing continuous support throughout your business journey.

Offshore Company Formation Process
with LFL International Group

Offshore Company Formation Process with LFL International Group

LFL International Group simplifies the offshore company formation process, guiding you through each step with our highly experienced team. From selecting the right offshore jurisdiction to opening a corporate bank account, our process is designed to be swift and efficient, usually taking less than a week if all documents are complete.


Engage with an LFL Advisor to pinpoint the ideal offshore jurisdiction for your business.


Compile and submit all necessary documentation.


 Our team diligently files your application.


 We secure approval for your company’s name and business activities.


Execute the signature on the incorporation documents.


We oversee the submission of your documents to the Registrar of the relevant authority.


Receive notification upon the approval of your company.


Initiate the opening of your Corporate Bank Account, with our assistance every step of the way.

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At LFL, we are trained and experienced in providing timely assistance and facilities to help you get your trade license and business setup in Dubai.

How LFL International Group Elevates Your Offshore Company Formation

Our seasoned consultants offer more than just incorporation assistance. We provide comprehensive support throughout your business journey, including:

Customized advice and consultancy from experienced business advisors.

Registered Office with PO Box and registered agent services.

Preparation and filing of Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Ongoing local and international support.

Start your offshore company formation journey with LFL International Group, where your business aspirations meet our dedicated expertise.

With the right expertise and guidance, you can ensure that your offshore business is a success! Contact us for tailored business solutions and start your journey towards success.

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