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Mainland company formation in Dubai, UAE

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Ideal for businesses in manufacturing, this license covers activities like production, segregation, accumulation, and packaging, transforming raw materials into finished products


Tailored for entities involved in trading, this license encompasses a wide range of activities including retail, wholesale, construction, and real estate, under the supervision of the DED


Designed for service-oriented professionals or firms in fields like accounting, design, and tourism, this license recognizes and supports services based on individual or collective skills, talent, and expertise


Categorized into three types, this license facilitates travel management within Dubai, the promotion and sale of tourist packages beyond Dubai, and the organization of global events and conferences

LFL International Group:
Your Gateway to Mainland Company Formation in the UAE

Established in 2000, LFL International Group stands as a cornerstone of trust for international businesses seeking to master the intricacies of establishing a presence in the mainland sectors of Dubai and the wider UAE.

At LFL International Group, we recognize that successful mainland business formation in Dubai or the UAE demands a partner who is not only well-versed in local regulations but also deeply integrated into the local business fabric. We take pride in being that partner, offering unwavering support and strategic insights at every stage, from the initial setup to the expansive growth phases of your business.

Partner with LFL International Group, and leverage our expertise in mainland business formation in the UAE to unlock the full potential of your business in the UAE’s dynamic mainland market.

Why Choose a Dubai Mainland License for Your Business?

A Dubai Mainland license represents an onshore entity that empowers entrepreneurs to engage in business activities both within the UAE and internationally. The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for the issuance of trade licenses to mainland entities. 

In Dubai Mainland, you have the option to apply for either a professional or a commercial license. The trade license provided by the DED is highly regarded and offers a range of advantages:

➔ Permits 100% foreign ownership of the business.

➔ Grants the flexibility to operate your business across the UAE.

➔ Enables you to lease and own office spaces in Dubai Mainland.

➔ Facilitates transactions and contracts with government bodies.

➔ Imposes minimal nationality constraints for trade license acquisition.

➔ Simplifies the process of setting up corporate bank accounts, particularly with traditional banking institutions.

➔ Enhances the scalability of your business by allowing the addition of more visas linked to the trade license.

Interestingly, establishing a company in Dubai doesn’t require you to have a physical office from the start. For those beginning their journey, LFL International Group offers an attractive DED package, an ideal and innovative solution to kickstart your business in Dubai Mainland.

Understanding the Process for Special Approvals
in Dubai Mainland Businesses

In the Dubai mainland, specific business sectors require special approvals from respective authorities. Prior to initiating operations, it’s crucial for businesses in these sectors to secure the necessary approvals.

RTA Activities:

For those aiming to operate public transport vehicles like taxis or buses, obtaining an RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) license is essential. This involves meeting age, health, and language criteria, plus passing a qualifying exam. Regular renewal of the RTA license is mandatory.

Educational Services:

Educators in Dubai’s private schools and institutions must acquire a KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) license. This requires fulfilling specific educational standards and passing a qualifying exam. Regular renewal of the KHDA license is also necessary.

Health Care Activities:

Healthcare professionals in Dubai must secure a DHA (Dubai Health Authority) license, ensuring they meet educational, professional, and language proficiency standards, and pass a qualifying exam. This license, too, requires periodic renewal.

Ministry of Economy License:

For commercial activities in the UAE, a Ministry of Economy license, issued by the DED (Department of Economic Development), is compulsory. This encompasses trading, manufacturing, and service-based businesses and adheres to government regulations and requirements.

Security Industry Registration Authority / Dubai Police:

SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) governs Dubai’s security industry, issuing licenses to companies, consultants, and professionals. A SIRA license, often a prerequisite for a Dubai Police license, is mandatory for all security service providers in Dubai.

Select Your Ideal Company Structure with LFL!

Dive into the UAE’s dynamic business scene with our expert guidance. Whether you’re drawn to the popular Limited Liability Company (LLC) or curious about other intriguing options, we’re here to illuminate your path.

Select Your Business Activity with LFL International Group:

Whether you’re establishing an LLC in Dubai, setting up a branch office, or pursuing professional endeavors, obtaining a mainland business license has never been more streamlined. LFL International Group offers all-inclusive packages for startups across the UAE, encompassing a variety of licenses such as Commercial Trading, Consultancy, E-commerce, Real Estate, and Manufacturing. Dive into the realm of mainland activity and unlock the potential of your business in Dubai.

Streamlined Mainland Company Formation
with LFL International Group

Our experts, proficient in Dubai mainland company setup, will guide you in choosing the right business activity or activities to align with your current needs and future goals. We'll navigate you through the best jurisdiction for your activities and offer cost-effective solutions.

Whether you opt for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or explore other structures like Sole Proprietorship, Civil Company, or Branch Offices, our team conducts thorough feasibility studies and corporate structuring to ensure your mainland business in the UAE is set up for success.

Choose a trade name that resonates with your business activity. Our team will assist in checking availability, securing registration, and ensuring it meets all regulatory requirements.

Our dedicated specialist will manage all paperwork and processes to secure your Initial Approval and any other necessary government approvals, leading to the issuance of your mainland business license in Dubai.

From virtual offices to fully owned buildings, our real estate consultants are ready to assist you in finding and securing the perfect workspace for your mainland company formation in Dubai.

Our immigration teams are at your service to manage visa processes, establishment card applications, and ensure compliance with all labour regulations.

Navigate the banking landscape with our guidance to choose and set up the right corporate bank account, separating personal and professional finances.

The process of mainland company setup in Dubai can be daunting. LFL International Group offers comprehensive support to ensure your business not only starts but thrives in the UAE.

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Mainland Company Setup

Call us for assistance: +971 525 977 456

Call us for assistance:
+971 525 977 456

At LFL, we are trained and experienced in providing timely assistance and facilities to help you get your trade license and business setup in Dubai.

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FAQs for Mainland Company Formation
with LFL International Group

A: Key considerations include:

● Business Activity Selection: Clearly define your business activities as they shape your legal structure and licensing needs. The DED provides a detailed list of permitted activities.

● Legal Structure: Choose from structures like Sole Establishment, LLC, or Joint Stock Company, each with specific ownership rules.

● Local Sponsorship: For many activities, a local Emirati sponsor holding a 51% share is essential for legal compliance.

● Trade Name Approval: Pick a unique name that reflects your business activity, subject to DED approval.

● Business Plan: Craft a detailed plan highlighting your goals, market, finances, and growth strategies.

● Physical Address: Arrange a commercial space or a flexi-desk in a business center.

● Initial Capital: Show the required capital investment, varying by sector.

A: Necessary documents include:

● Application Form: Detailing shareholders, activities, and legal structure.

● Passport Copies: Notarized copies for all shareholders and managers.

● No Objection Certificate (NOC): If you're currently employed in the UAE.

● Memorandum of Association (MOA): For LLCs, detailing company specifics.

● Local Sponsor Agreement: Outlining profit-sharing and responsibilities.

● Tenancy Contract: Compliant with Dubai's Ejari system.

● Bank Reference Letter: Demonstrating shareholders' financial standing.

A: The timeline varies based on license type and specific circumstances, but LFL International Group strives for efficiency.

A: From June 2023, only foreign bank branches and oil-related businesses are taxed, with rates depending on the sector.

A: Some activities may require local partners, but many legal structures allow for majority foreign ownership.

A: It's ideal for freelancers and consultants, offering 100% ownership and operational flexibility.

A: Absolutely, LFL International Group can help you adjust your license as your business evolves.

A: Absolutely, LFL International Group can help you adjust your license as your business evolves.

A: We specialize in obtaining commercial, professional, and industrial licenses, customized to your business requirements.

● Tailored Solutions: We craft solutions that fit your unique business needs.

● Skilled Consultants: Our team of experts ensures a smooth setup process.

● Easy Process: We make company formation straightforward and hassle-free.

● Fast and Efficient: Expect swift and effective services every step of the way.

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