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LFL International Group is your dedicated ally in maximizing the strategic benefits of Freezone business opportunities in the UAE. With our specialized services, insightful guidance, and steadfast support, establishing your business in a UAE Freezone is efficient and straightforward.

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In-depth Expertise: Navigate the intricacies of Freezone business formation with our experienced team.

Customized Solutions: Receive services tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

Efficient Process: Enjoy a streamlined journey, from the first consultation to the successful setup of your business.

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Navigate Through UAE Free zones

The UAE hosts an extensive range of Free zones, each providing unique benefits and specialized for certain business sectors. Explore some of the prominent Freezones where LFL International Group can assist in setting up your business:

Advantages of UAE Free zones

UAE Free Zones are crafted to foster business growth, offering a range of benefits for companies looking to set up or expand their presence in the Middle East:

  • Tax Benefits: Take advantage of a competitive corporate tax structure. From June 2023, a corporate tax of 0% or 9% may be applicable to Free Zone Businesses and Qualifying Free Zone Persons based on their Qualifying income.
  • Full Ownership: Maintain complete ownership of your business without the necessity for a local partner.
  • Strategic Location: Capitalize on the UAE’s prime position as a global business hub.
  • World-Class Infrastructure: Access superior facilities and services.

Strategic Steps for
UAE Freezone Business Formation

● Guidance on Legal Entity Selection: LFL International Group will help you choose the most suitable legal form for your business entity, whether it's a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC), Free Zone Company (FZ Co.), or a Free Zone Establishment (FZE).

● Understanding Entity Distinctions: We provide insights into the differences between these entities, focusing on the number of shareholders and the nature of the shareholder (individual or corporate entity). Our team will guide you through the specific registration capabilities of each Freezone.

● Branch Setup for Existing Companies: LFL International Group also assists existing local and foreign companies in setting up a branch of their company in Free Zones.

● Navigating Capital Requirements: Capital requirements vary across Freezones. For instance, twofour54 Abu Dhabi has no minimum capital requirement, whereas KIZAD requires a minimum paid-up capital of AED 150,000 for forming an LLC. The Dubai Airport Free Zone mandates a minimum share capital of AED 1000 for an FZ Co., and DMCC stipulates a minimum share capital of AED 50,000 per company and AED 10,000 per shareholder. For a General Trading Licence in DMCC, a minimum of AED 1 million share capital is required. In Hamriya Free Zone, forming an FZE requires a share capital of AED 150,000.

We help you understand and meet the capital requirements that vary across Freezones. Whether it's the no minimum capital requirement in twofour54 Abu

Dhabi or the specific capital requirements in KIZAD, Dubai Airport Free Zone, DMCC, or Hamriyah Free Zone, LFL International Group ensures your compliance with all financial prerequisites.

Trade Name Selection Assistance: LFL International Group aids in choosing a trade name that reflects your business identity and complies with the respective Freezone authority or the Department of Economic Development regulations. We ensure that your trade name is unique, culturally respectful, and aligns with your business activity and legal status.

Business Activities and License Types:

In DMCC, over 600 business activities are available, spanning over 20 sectors like energy, commodities, gold and diamonds, technology, construction, FMCG, healthcare, aviation, shipping, education, media, professional services, financial services, and personal and community services.


In DIFC, you can engage in both financial (banks, insurance, wealth management, capital markets) and non-financial businesses (retail shops, restaurants, five-star hotels, art galleries, academic institutions).


License types include Commercial/Trade, Consultancy/Services, Industrial, Educational, Media, eCommerce, Offshore, Freelancer, Warehousing, and Manufacturing. DMCC also allows the establishment of 'single family offices' with a standard FZ LLC structure.

With LFL International Group, explore over 600 business activities in DMCC, spanning over 20 sectors, and engage in both financial and non-financial businesses in DIFC. We guide you through selecting the appropriate license type, be it Commercial/Trade, Consultancy/Services, Industrial, and more, including the establishment of 'single family offices' in DMCC.


Office Space Solutions: LFL International Group assists in selecting the ideal office space, whether you're looking to buy or lease within Freezones. We help

you find a space that suits your employee count and business activities, ranging from flexi desks to executive office packages.

Streamlining the Registration Process: Navigate the process of obtaining initial approvals, registering your business, and acquiring the necessary trade license with LFL International Group. We support you in preparing and submitting all required documents, including application forms, business plans, passport copies of shareholders, and financial reports, ensuring a smooth and compliant business setup.


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At LFL, we are trained and experienced in providing timely assistance and facilities to help you get your trade license and business setup in Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for LFL International Group

A Dubai Freezone is a specially designated area within Dubai that offers a wealth of benefits for foreign investors looking to establish their businesses. These benefits include 100% foreign ownership, exemption from certain taxes, and more relaxed regulations compared to other areas. This creates an inviting environment for international companies to set up operations, offering a strategic gateway to regional and global markets.

Yes, but with certain limitations. While businesses in Dubai Free zones are primarily geared towards serving international markets, they can engage in trading within the local UAE market indirectly. This typically involves working through local distributors, wholesalers, or agents. Direct sales in the local market are possible but may require additional approvals and adherence to specific local regulations.

Choosing a Freezone for your business setup can be highly advantageous, depending on your specific business needs and objectives. Free zones offer unique benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions, and ease of doing business, making them

an attractive option for many investors. However, it's important to consider the nature of your business, your target market, and your long-term goals when deciding between a Freezone setup, a mainland company, or an offshore company. Each option has its own set of regulations, benefits, and limitations.

Freezone companies are generally established to do business internationally or within the same Freezone. However, they can trade with mainland companies indirectly. For trading tangible goods, Freezone companies can either export their products internationally, trade with other Freezone companies, or collaborate with a local distributor or service agent to access the mainland market. It's important to note that engaging with the mainland market directly may involve additional regulations and requirements.

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